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Autistic Adults and other Stakeholders Engaged Together

Autistic adults have multiple, chronic, and potentially preventable healthcare needs as compared to same-aged adults without ASD, but we know very little about why these differences are occurring and how to improve outcomes.

Our team will prioritize the specific positive health and healthcare outcomes desired by autistic adults, identify potential evidence-based interventions from the perspective of autistic adults, and will involve other stakeholders in identifying interventions to address priority topics.  

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Join us for a free conference on July 11, 2017 (the day before Autism Society of America ) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to set priorities for a future research agenda in health and healthcare for adults with autism. (Registration is only free for Individuals with Autism and Family Members)

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This Project is funded by a $250,000 Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement award from the non-profit organization, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), EAIN# 4208 to Augusta University.

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