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Project Lead Teal Benevides interviewed by ABC

Project Lead Teal Benevides was interviewed by ABC news WAJB’s Brad Means in Augusta, GA. Her interview highlights the need for communities to recognize the strengths that adults with autism bring, and the responsibility of our society to address the needs.

“When we think of autism, we often think of children and their struggle with school and interacting with other people. What we do not often consider is the fact that those children grow up and become adults. That void is something that researchers at Augusta University are investigating — how to care for adults with autism.

It is obvious when you talk to Teal Benevides, an associate professor and occupational therapist at Augusta University, that she is excited about her work. Her latest project is “Priority Setting to Improve Health Outcomes: Autistic Adults and Other Stakeholders Engage Together”. It is a project that has recently received $250,000 in funding from the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement award. The goal of the project is to highlight the health effects of adult autism.”

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